Special modules

Manufactured at Atersa

Atersa, through its Product Engineering Department, offers its customers special modules by offering custom devices for specific needs.

Any Ultra Line module can be supplied with finishes in different colours for the frame, Tedlar and cells. There is also the option of offering Ultra line modules with transparent Tedlar or without an aluminium frame (laminate). It is recommended to request information from our Commercial Department:

1. Laminate

Modules without an aluminium frame

  • Designed for architectural integration
  • It meets standards IEC 61215:2005 and IEC 61730:2007
  • It supports 240 kg /m² and winds up to 180 km/h
  • High perimeter adhesion

2. Photovoltaic modules with black Tedlar, black frame and black crystalline mono cells

3. A-75 laminated with transparent Tedlar

  • Dimensions: 1372x715x3.15 mm
  • Multi-contact wiring
  • Dimensions of the area that the cells occupy (approx.): 60%
  • Weight: 10.2 Kg.

4. 5" laminate TFM 1x7

14.5 Wp + 10% with 7x 5" cell modules to install in Persian-Venetian mode.

5. APEX-8 (4x7) laminate with transparent Tedlar

  • Area that the cells occupy (approx.): 60%.
  • Laminate dimensions: 1700x1200x38 mm
  • Weight: 50 Kg.
  • Power output: 93W ± 10%

6. TFM 1600x1000 modules (green cells) with transparent Tedlar

  • Transparent Tedlar
  • Module dimensions: 1605x1006x35 mm
  • Dimensions of the area that the cells occupy (approx.): 70%
  • Green 5" cells
  • Power output: 150 W ± 10%

7. A-120 module with black Tedlar

  • Black Tedlar
  • Module dimensions = 1470x654x33 mm
  • 6" 150 Mpsq cells
  • Aluminium HOOK frame
  • Power output: 120 W

8. Integration in the ventilated facade with ceramic coating

Creates beneficial weather conditions for the building.

Fights harsh winters and eliminates heat in the summertime.

Eliminates the surface condensation and reduces noise pollution by 10 to 20%.

The A-75 ATM module uses the same cells and materials as the standard model and follows the same manufacturing process and standard guarantees, ensuring its long life and the maintenance of the traditional characteristics of our photovoltaic modules.

The modules have a frame and special measurements exclusively adapted for this application.

Tedlar is blue for a better visual integration in the installation, incorporating quick connection wires to facilitate the assembly within the ventilated facade.

It has a special pyramidal front glass that results in a greater production and increases the captured radiation per cell by at least 10%, which makes it significantly more efficient in its daily work.

9. A-133 5x11 module for use in heliostats with mirror reflection

  • EVA with high UV resistance.
  • Module dimensions: 1470x654x35 mm
  • Minimum power: 133 W.
  • Number of cells in series: 55. 5" mono-crystalline