Photovoltaic modules

The ATERSA photovoltaic modules were designed with latest generation materials that provide them with sturdiness and excellent waterproof and sealing qualities at laminate level that attests its long life, assuring the perfect operation of the pv-systems, including in the most extreme weather conditions.

They are made with silicone cells (mono and poly) that guarantee electricity production from sunrise to sunset.

All the models from 25 W have an outdoor junction box with positive and negative terminals that include bypass diodes, whose aim is to prevent the possible breakage of the electrical circuit inside the model due to the partial shading of the cells.

ATERSA also designed a "HOOK" fastening system with easy on-site assembly that is invisible from the exterior, which is also compatible with the classic through screw structures and with all types of extensions.

The wide range of existing powers ensures that the needs of use are covered in the solar photovoltaic systems. Special models are also manufactured for the specific needs of the customers, such as modules for architectural integration.