Maintenance-free gel batteries

The GEL batteries are also stationary, so they are also characterised for their long life. The difference stems from the electrolyte that is gelled, in such a way that they do not require maintenance and can operate placed in any position.

The line of products with GEL technology offers batters in 2 V and monoblock elements, as well as GEL batteries in monoblock containers specially designed for medium and low power solar photovoltaic energy applications.

There is also a separate BENCH for OPzV batteries, please contact our Commercial Department.


  • Excellent cycle performance: 800 cycles at 60% C10 discharge depth (at 20ºC)
  • Dryfit® Gel. VRLA technology
  • Lower energy consumption. Cost savings
  • Resistant design. Even solid in extreme conditions
  • Deep discharge tested. Greater long-term energy supply
  • Completely recyclable. Smaller CO2 footprint

Monoblock (solar OPzV) and 2 V elements (A602)


From 105 to 3919 Ah in C120 at 20ºC and 1.85 V/element

Medium power monoblock container (SB)


From 60 to 330 Ah in C100 at 20ºC and 1.80 V/element

Low power monoblock container (S)


From 17 to 230 Ah in C100 at 20ºC and 1.80 V/element